Members of the Board

Karen Boers - President of the Board

Nicolas Brien – President of the Board

CEO at France Digitale and lecturer at Sciences-Po Paris & HEIP.

Nicolas Brien currently runs France Digitale , the largest Startup organization in Europe with over 1400 members. He graduated in International Economics and previously held the position of Director of Studies at Kantar-TNS. Both his international and national experience in policy making and public affairs make him the ideal captain to steer the wheel of the French Startup hub and set sail for a flourishing Startup ecosystem.

Markus Raunig – Austrian Startups

CEO of AustrianStartups and founder of

Markus Raunig is the CEO of AustrianStartups – a non-profit platform that promotes entrepreneurship in Austria. He is leading a distributed team of 50 people all over the country and stays in close contact with all relevant stakeholders in the startup ecosystem. Before taking over at AustrianStartups in January 2017, Markus founded his own startup, organized Europe’s largest student startup conference Entrepreneurship Avenue and worked closely with several successful international startups during the Pioneers Challenge.

Markus Raunig - CEO of AustrianStartups
Mattias Zwingli - Digital Switzerland

Matthias Zwingli – Swiss Startup Association

Project Manager Startup Enablement at Digital Switzerland.

Matthias connects startups, corporates, investors and hubs as a Startup Ecosystem Builder. At present, he works for Digital Switzerland, an organization that comprises more than 150 leading companies, organizations, academia and politics to achieve its mission to establish Switzerland as a leading European digital-innovation hub.

Ned Dervenkov – BESCO

CEO and Board Member at BESCO

Ned has significant experience in customer discovery, customer development, sales and after sales management, product-market fit analysis, early stage strategising, managing micro to small teams, stakeholder management, funding, prospecting and generic digital marketing know-how. Furthermore, he has a proven track record in customer funnel building and delivered one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in Bulgaria. He is  experienced in government to business relationships, governmental and institutional technology consultancy, international affairs and policy making, lobbying and assessing macro economical impact. He also participated in the creation of several laws impacting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bulgaria.

Tomas Zhang Mathiesen – Danish Startup Group (DSG)

Founder & Chairman of DSG

Tomas is the founder and Chairman of DSG – a non profit organization in Copenhagen to engage their members and community in a variety of events, workshops and social networking opportunities within the Danish startup/entrepreneurial scene. Tomas also works full-time in PriceWaterHouseCoopers (PwC) where he has a Manager position and working within software implementation, ISAE declaration and automation/RPA projects. Tomas enjoys listening to podcasts, playing soccer, volunteering activities and traveling with friends and families.