20,000 scaleups scouted and 668 individual coaching sessions in less than 3 years. Is it your turn to challenge us?

In March 2018, the SEP 2.0 project of the European Commission kicked-off with the very first Scaleup Summit at the Stock Exchange in Milan. Now, eight editions later we look back at a project where we selected Europe’s most promising scaleups and successfully matched them with corporates and investors to foster their growth. Our role [...]

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Startups’ recommendations for post-COVID-19 economic recovery

A list of 13 concrete recommendations from startup organisations to national governments and international organisations in the fields of investment, talent and policy The document is also a call to the European Union and governments across the globe to provide startups with financial and political support, empowering them to thrive and build the economy of [...]

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ESN members elect new President

ESN is excited to announce that Nicolas Brien, CEO at France Digitale, was elected as president of its board. He will succeed founder Karen Boers and lead the board in pursuit of ESN’s mission to create a common voice for European startups so that more can start, scale and succeed in the EU. Read the [...]

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NotOptional Campaign

ESN  is supporting the NotOptional campaign (https://notoptional.eu/), whose aim is to ask for an improvement to the treatment of stock options, both at Member State and EU level , to enhance the ability of startups to attract talent. Read the letter sent by a coalition of CEOs, founders and startup networks to the European Commission [...]

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Annual Report on European SMEs 2018/2019

ESN contributed to the Annual Report on European SMEs 2018/2019 with a dedicated section on startups, in the framework of the SME performance review. The SME performance review is one of the main tools the European Commission uses to monitor and assess countries' progress in implementing the Small Business Act (SBA) on a yearly basis. [...]

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Building the United Tech of Europe

For the first time in European history, 30 organizations from 27 countries across the EU have banned together to merge their aspirations and expectations, and to speak with a united voice. Europe is faced with a narrow time frame during which it can propose an alternative and ambitious vision for the digital sphere. Here is [...]

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Startup and Scaleup Ecosystem: Recommendations for policy change

Intent on completing and ensuring a competitive Single Market, ESN worked to provide Vice President Jyrki Katainen and the European Commission with several concrete suggestions regarding regulation and deregulation of the startup and scaleup landscape, addressing mainly: Startup Single Market, value-added tax, copyright, data protection, data localization, digital identity, patent law, platforms, the SME Test, [...]

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European Startup Monitor 2016

The 2016 European Startup Monitor aims to present the development and significance of startups and identify research gaps, outline economic initiatives that will strengthen national and regional European startup ecosystems, and cultivate enthusiasm for entrepreneurship in society. At 112 pages, it is a significant data-driven document which highlights all main factors of the startup ecosystem. [...]

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