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UPRISE is a talent & tech festival that takes a step back to allow people be the focus, then comes technology. You won’t find a conference here but a festival celebrating people and what they can achieve together.
October 26th, the 6th edition will kick-off right in the heart of Dublin at the RDS.
3000 Attendees, 80 Companies, 30 Investors, 128 Speakers on 4 Stages, all in one day.
Serving 66 hours of content to Founders, CEO’s developers, designers and burgeoning talent, UPRISE is inviting you to join the tech frenzy with a special discount, €100 off on all startup packages, powered by ESN.
– Bootstrap Academy = Early-stage companies going big on investment and mentoring
– Growth-Stage Guild = Companies skyrocketing on partnerships with tech giants
– Founder Pass = Solopreneurs on the hunt for networking and content
Take advantage of this opportunity now! Simply write your name, email and the code ESN4UPRISE in the livechat here.