The present policy lays down ESN’s commitments in terms of sustainability, understood in all its forms: environmental, social and economic. ESN’s sustainability policy applies to all staff and guides the organisation in all its endeavours.

Environmental sustainability

ESN strives to minimise the environmental impact of its activities. Such goal is reached through:

  • The reduction of material input needed in daily activities.
    Most of the documentation is stored in digital format, and hard copies are kept just when strictly required by law. Furthermore, online meetings are preferred to in-person ones whenever possible to avoid travelling.
  • The sorting of waste to maximise recycling.
    ESN tries to sort and recycle the material used in daily activities. Specifically, ESN’s staff sorts paper and plastic whenever used, and prefers thermos and cups over plastic bottles and glasses.
  • Raising awareness of the staff whenever a more environmentally sustainable solution is applicable to a specific situation.

Social sustainability

ESN strives to be a very inclusive environment. Such goal is reached through:

  • A strict non-discriminatory approach in terms of hiring practices. Indeed, considering its small size, ESN prides itself on having had staff and interns from different ethnic groups, and tries to ensure gender balance in its workforce.
  • A careful consideration of the societal impact of the activities undertaken, so as not to willingly cause harm to vulnerable groups and people and to minimise the likelihood of causing unforeseen harm.
  • A work-life balance that fosters the wellbeing of staff.

Economic sustainability

ESN strives to engage in activities that ensure the financial health of the organisation and the staff. Such goal is reached through:

  • Carefully planning ahead and managing risks.
  • Ensuring fair working conditions and remuneration, abiding by all the relevant labour laws and regulations.
  • Seizing opportunities to test innovative approaches whenever these open new opportunities.