In early 2021, Commissioner Gabriel reached out to the startup community to better understand the needs, concerns and priorities of the European startups. Four working groups were formed, with a focus on startup ecosystems, unicorns, female founders, and female VCs.

Since then, we have had intense collaborations with the services of the European Commission, partnering to make Europe the startup continent. Consequently, our four working groups have delivered clear action plans and recommendations. We are thus very hopeful that a lot of those recommendations will have made it to the New European Innovation Agenda (NEIA) being published tomorrow (5 July 2022).

On Wednesday 6 July, representatives of the 4 working groups will convey at in Brussels to analyse the NEIA and identify positive elements and possible gaps. We will also reflect how to most effectively partner with the European Commission to ensure an appropriate implementation of the proposed measures contained in the NEIA.

Zoom link for the event (9h30-12h30):