CORSHIP’s mission is to establish and improve the collaboration across Europe between startups, corporates and universities by connecting them through 3 core results:
  • the first micro-credential (a modular, flexible format stemming from MOOCs) Pilot world-wide on corporate entrepreneurship for 30 selected entrepreneurs, managers, students;
  • the first MOOC on corporate entrepreneurship (1.500+ entrepreneurs, managers, students);
  • and a unique corporate entrepreneurship Toolbox (guidelines, tools for 5.000+ users) to facilitate the collaboration between the 3 target groups.

Upskilling 4.0‘s mission is to provide skill improvement opportunities to foster b2b collaboration through open innovation among startups, scaleups, and established companies focusing on modern technologies and innovation (Industry 4.0).

The project will produce five intellectual output:

  • Screening model for collaboration,
  • Skills development framework,
  • Upskilling toolkits,
  • Gamified platform,
  • Implementation guidelines for the creation of an Upskilling Lab to support start-ups, scale-ups, mid-sized and corporates.

The objective of the TETRA project is to develop and implement a series of business-support activities targeted at ‘R&I Actions’ and their third parties funded under the topic H2020-ICT-24-2018-2019 to help turn their research results into marketable products and services and prepare them for success in the market place.