Meet our team

Jan Bormans

Jan Bormans’ passion is working with people to make innovation and entrepreneurial creativity happen. He has a substantial background in high-tech and uniquely combines this with extensive experience in corporate innovation. He has been active in the Belgian and European startup scene since 2010. Jan has been active in European projects as participant, reviewer and rapporteur since 1996.

Lorie Vandeuren
Management Assistant

Lorie Van Deuren is our management assistant who supports her colleagues and loves organizing our office operations. She started as an administrative assistant and soon after built a way through the financial, HR and marketing part of her function. With full enthusiasm, Lorie strives for a European Startup Neat-work.

Adèle Yaroulina
European Project Manager

Adèle has a 10-years experience in business development, sales, strategic partnerships and project management within private & public sectors. She has acquired significant knowledge of digital innovation and is fascinated by the impact of new technologies on business activities. She is convinced that a cohesive European startup ecosystem is the key to empowerment and scaling up.

Massimo Privitera
Communications and Policy Coordinator

Massimo holds a Master’s Degree in “European Economy and Business Law” and has acquired substantial experience in the realm of EU policy working in Brussels for consultancies and NGOs. He is the former Acting Director of the European Network for Social Integration Enterprises (ENSIE). At ESN, he is in charge of analysing the policy landscape relating to startups and contributing to future policy developments. Massimo also handles internal and external communication for the network, ensuring that ESN maintains strong relationships between member associations and creates connections with new partners on a consistent basis.

Ana Krce-Ivancic
Business Intern

Ana completed her studies in Croatia and joined ESN as International Business Intern. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and believes that (co-)innovation is a way to build more effective and sustainable business environment. At ESN, she manages social media and works on the Upskilling Lab 4.0 project that connects international start-ups, scaleups, and established companies in the context of Industry 4.0.

Karan Raúl Novo Devani
Business Intern

Karan Novo is a recent graduate in Economics and already has experience in European Projects as he has worked in the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago de Compostela. He now enrolls in the European Startup Network to get to know the entrepreneurial and start-up environment from the capital of Europe. His eagerness is to make a difference in the life of the startups with the help of European Projects..


Daan Verhelst
Business Intern

After volunteering at Slush 2019, Daan’s passion for startups and their pursued link with corporates grew exponentially, and so he ended up at ESN. He sees much potential in co-innovation between startups and corporates and he is eager to help accelerate this mindset among the European enterprises. Daan is mostly working on the internal structure within ESN to help streamline our organisation for us to excel in the future and help succeed startups in the EU.

Nicolas Jamar
Business Intern

Nicolas has followed international business studies in Brussels. He is fascinated by the startup world and is convinced that startups are the key for a more sustainable economy. As International Business Intern, he took part in the organisation of a European project (SEP Summit) and developed new value propositions for ESN’s potential partners and customers.

Emily Bogen
Communications and Policy Coordinator

Emily completed her studies in the U.S. and began her professional career in Brussels, where she has established experience in European projects like SEP 2.0 and CORSHIP and provided political support to the startup ecosystem. She has worked on documents like “Startup and Scaleup Ecosystem Recommendations for Policy Change” (2018) and the upcoming Pan-European Manifesto (2019). Emily also handles internal and external communication for the network, ensuring that ESN maintains strong relationships between member associations and creates connections with new partners on a consistent basis.

Marlène Bouhon
Business Intern

Marlène Bouhon is a business student fascinated by the startup world. She is in charge of selecting promising companies and initiating contact with them. She believes that great ideas should be given a chance to succeed and to benefit as many people as possible.

Elke Vosters
Business Intern

Elke is studying SME-management. That’s the context in which she developed her passion for entrepreneurship. She likes to communicate with people and to be part of a team!

Lucía Rodríguez Lacasa
Business Intern

Lucia grew up in Brussels and now studies Biotechnology with Management at Edinburgh University. She has always carried an entrepreneurial spirit, starting her own start-up company project at 16 and currently running a radio show. She is eagerly delving into scouting for SEP and CORSHIP as well as running social media. She believes start-up innovation in Europe is essential for technology, health and world advancement!

Andries Bruggeman
Business Intern

Intrigued by everything that involves startups and innovation, Andries is a passionate business intern. He considers startups and scaleups as fundamental and crucial organizations that are a prerequisite for a more innovative and more sustainable business environment.

Carolin Bednarz
Business Intern

Carolin Bednarz is passionate about fostering businesses and people in their growth. She has experience in consulting and digital strategy for large corporates in Germany which are looking to change through innovation. Her recent involvement in the Paris incubator realm gave her deep insights into various business models and the concerns of startups. She works to see Europe be the most entrepreneur-friendly place on earth.


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