ESN unifies national startup associations to create a common voice for European startups so that more can start, scale, and succeed in the EU.



We work with entrepreneurs, startups, and scaleups on finding funding, connecting with corporates, meeting with investors, attending events—ensuring they have access to all relevant paths to scale. dfmhdfhdmfkhdfmhdfdf



We influence policy by producing high-impact papers, serving on expert committees, and lobbying before regulators on behalf of startups, scaleups, and entrepreneurs.  d




Alongside our partners, we provide pan-European scouting services to corporations looking to innovate with startups and scaleups, as well as tailored open innovation workshops and corporate entrepreneurship toolkits.

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National Membership

ESN is composed of 24 national startup associations from across Europe. We work with our members on joint projects including international soft landing missions for startups, pan-European policy manifestos, and best practice sharing for running national networks, among other activities.

  • Access to 28 national startup ecosystems, stakeholders and experts
  • Access to +30.000 validated startups over Europe
  • Only bottom up authentic national startup associations in the European Startup Network
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Our 3rd newsletter for the Upskilling Lab 4.0 project is out now! 🤩

Find all relevant info about the project's Intellectual Outputs and other updates on the link below⬇️

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Interested in #AugmentedReality and #VirtualReality trends in Industry 4.0?

Read our new article on this topic by following the link bellow

Our partners:

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To assist Italy in its response to the pandemic, the US government has allocated $ 50 million through the American Agency for International Development (USAID) supporting more than 50 Italian companies.

To learn more ➡️

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