The European Startup Network wants to propose solutions and foster solidarity for Ukrainians in light of the ongoing war. Below you find a list of efforts by ESN members to assist Ukrainian entrepreneurs in their search for safer areas for their projects, employees, and family members.


TechLeap has dedicated a section on their website with information and an overview of Dutch general and tech initiatives, including the initiative ‘people for people’, where people can ask or offer help. You can find the full overview of Dutch initiatives here



Besco, in cooperation with Tz&P, has provided guidelines and details in the form of a “handbook” on the protection and job opportunities for Ukrainian citizens, in order to clarify and support all those whose lives have been affected and who find themselves on Bulgarian territory. You can find the handbook here

They also coordinate with, partner with, and support, a website to support Ukrainians in Bulgaria, run by a group of Bulgaria-based entrepreneurs, tech community members, and friends of Ukraine.


The website of our member organization Startin.LV directs you to a website with information for Ukrainians coming to Latvia. You can access the website directly via this link. 



Deutsche startups are collecting the initiatives of German startups, including initiatives regarding job aid for Ukrainian refugees, accommodation opportunities free of charge, free FlixBus rides, opportunities for temporary homes, and the collection and transportation of essential goods to the border.

German startups and investors have also launched a talent platform to connect businesses with Ukrainians searching for employment in the European Union.


A broad overview of what you can do as a foreigner for Ukraine can be found here

We are urging all European startups to shoulder their duties and lend a helping hand to Ukrainian entrepreneurs. Nonetheless, it is our sincere wish that the vibrant Ukrainian startup scene can soon again develop and grow in a peaceful and prosperous Ukraine. 

To support the initiative, join us :